GAP-North Starts 7/30 

Leverage the Power of Group Accountabilty

For Your Own Success! 

About G.A.P. - GAP was created several years ago in response the challenges many small business owner faces: "aloneness,"  lack of support and camaraderie, external motivation to complement interal motivation to reach lofty goals, and most of all, having someone to pat you on the back for a job well done - or to kick you in the "you-know- what" for a job NOT done! 

GAP North - Goal Accountabiity Project.p

Studies have shown that if you follow the SMARTER Goal Setting Process:  Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time Sensitive, Energizine and Resourced, create an action plan, tell someone your goals AND ADD a weekly accountability system, the probability of your achieving your goals increases signficantly!

GAP-North is designed for you to network AND work among your peers.  With worksheets, group discussions and small group engagement, you'll get the focus, the mental boost AND the momentum to move your goals forward.  

GAP-North is limited to 20 members with participants filling out a short application and attending an orientation (via Zoom live, or an on-line recording).  The live Zoom will also have time devoted to networking.  


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