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Cause Marketing Article
Cause Marketing Article

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It’s Not About Spending More  

It’s About Spending More Effectively  


Not-For-Profit Event Attendance UP 43%, Donations Up 92% 

Local Manufacturing Day Gets National Exposure - Involvement UP 500%

Grand Opening Sales UP 300% Over Prior

Casual Restaurant Sales UP 25% Over Prior

Retail Walk-in Traffic UP 400% Over Prior / Store Sales UP 15% Over Prior 

Medical Practice Revenue UP 37% Above National Average

Insurance Company Sales UP 14% Over State Average

Fine Dining Restaurant Sales UP 18% - 4 Times National Average

Clothing Donations UP 1000% Over Prior

Media Coverage Worth $ 160K

Grand Opening Brings 1,000 To New Location / Media Coverage Worth $ 10K

   NFP Attendance / Participation UP 75% / New Corporate Partnerships UP 300% / Media Coverage $ 5K  


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