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Cause Marketing:

A partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit.

Joe Waters

"Doing Well By Doing Good:" Businesses leaders and owners align their brand and support charities they believe in.  

Cause Marketing is an an effective way to engage associates, build morale, connect with customers and

differentiate your firm from the competition.  

Cause Marketing is not only the right thing to do . . . It's the smart thing to do:*  


 19%  Increase in Sales  

89%  of customers would switch brands ~ 61%  will try a new brand  

42%  Will spend MORE on a similar product    

61%  Think companies need to do a better job of explaining their Causes 

55% of millennials will decide where they work based upon a company cause


Your Customers  . . .

93% Want to know what Causes You Support 

54%  Will support your efforts if the Cause is relevant    

61%  Want a long-term Cause Commitment   

53%  Want to engage with the Cause (purchase or donation)


*Cone Cause Marketing Study 

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