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our clients do a better job!



                       Unlike many marketers I've encountered, Sheila looked at my business as the multifaceted entity it is. She focused right in                          on the results that are important to me – quality leads and more sales. When you combine her bottom line focus and truly                          creative approach, you've got a marketing powerhouse.


Judy Belzer - Direct Point Advisors 


Sheila is a rocket of high energy ideas that make the most of resources and bang for the buck! We worked

together in Asheville to create a celebration of businesses during National Small Business Week.  She has a

constant stream of ideas that are fresh and exciting to garner new customers and offer an engaging experience.

If your company needs a shot of adrenaline your money would be well spent by hiring Sheila. She is a

mastermind in her field.

Cindy Clark - Executive Director - UNC Asheville Family Business Forum


                          Sheila is a strategist, brilliant out-of-the-box idea thinker and is a genius at raising her clients visibility in their business                               community. I've never met a more successful, hard working and passionate advocator for her clients. Having Sheila on                               your team is like having a full marketing team! Sheila has razor sharp insight to teach her clients do the basics; focus on                             PR communications, get involved in profile raising activities and take a 360 degree integrated marketing approach to                                   drive new sales.

Clay Leonard - Met Life


Sheila has what I like to call the marketing x-factor..the ability to visualize an idea for a project, the

logic to formulate a working strategy and the work ethic to see it through. She assisted with my store's

grand opening and was invaluable on so many levels. If you're looking for the right person to produce

results, then Sheila is the one for you! I have really enjoyed working alongside Sheila and her positive

and professional attitude. 

Lisa Jordan - Cleveland County Rescue Mission


                        If you want a business consultant who will push you to do things you've never done, hire Sheila Neisler. She kicked me up                         a notch or three and taught me her proven principles of marketing which I'll retain and use long after her contract is                                     completed. Never saw anyone who makes better use of time, "gets it" so quickly, and knows what to do. You won't find                               anyone who turns a more attention-grabbing but polished phrase. Get on her calendar before it gets filled!


 Janis Allen - Performance Leadership Consulting


Sheila is truly EXTRAORDINARY! NO ONE works harder and more positively for you when it comes to delivering

powerful, impactful, and winning marketing. I was absolutely blown away by how much Sheila was able to

accomplish in a ridiculously short period of time. She will definitely exceed even your greatest expectations.

Hire her as soon as you have the chance!

                                                                                           Brian Biro -  Professional Speaker & Author


                            Sheila Neisler is the best idea-person I have ever known. I'm always amazed at how her brain works to figure out the                                 perfect avenues and methods for marketing a business to its customers and clients. She's practical and down-to-earth                               while also being creative and out-of-the-box. I highly recommend Sheila if you're looking for smart ways to market your                               business! 


Denise Altman - Altman Initiative Group 


Sheila is the epitome of a professional, who walks her talk and has the track record to prove it. She is high-energy,

fun, and about the most creative person I've ever met. Working with Sheila is extremely enjoyable and easy.

She has the "WOW" factor and also possesses excellent presentation skills and business acumen. Being a

results-driven person, I was an awe of the results she has accomplished for her clients. Anyone interested in

driving business in their door needs to work with Sheila. 

Gail Riegelmayer - PROFIT Through Leadership


                        I have worked with Sheila on a few direct mail projects and she certainly knows her stuff! She was driven by tight                                         deadlines and seemed to thrive under pressure. Sheila is a marketing machine!


Josh Montcastle - Advantage Printing




Cindy Clark - UNC Asheville Family Business Forum
Judy Belzer - Direct Point Advisors
Clay Leonard - Met Life
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